When looking at getting your vehicle wrapped, keep in mind that there are plenty of inexperienced want-to-be wrappers out there; simply trying their luck in order to offer another service to their current business (usually detailing or window-tinting). Most of the time this indicates that they are not experienced wrappers(ask of they are 3M or Avery Dennison approved!).

Agood sign as to whether a company knows what they are doing or not is to see if they wrap commercial vechicle as well – not only colour changes on private cars. We have had customers ask us to re-wrap their cars because they are not happy with their previous wrap – some of these in-experienced wrapper cut into the paintwork resulting in the paint completely peeling off the body of the car the moment the wrap is removed! These dodgy wraps also pop out of body recesses and tear as a result of using cheap vinyl.

At Boss Dog we are certified wrappers who only use high-quality materials and perfect fitting condition. Your wrap should also look great up close, not just at a distance! We are not afraid to show proof of our fitting standards – drop in and see first-hand what you can expect from us!